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Going Thai
Submitted by: Judith
Age: 19

These events happened in November of last year. Let me explain. I am seventeen, blond, tall, long-legged, ample and firmed bosomed, slim and I’m told, very good looking. I had arrived in Bangkok from a sixteen day tour of Vietnam & Thailand itself. It was scheduled to be a three day

[ two nights ] stopover before heading back to mum and dad in Dublin. My only problem was that I had been mugged of my handbag in a market the very next morning! Money, cards all gone. This left me with only my passport, my mobile and the 2,500 Bart I had left at the hotel. Two thousand five hundred Bart sounds impressive until you realise it was just €60.

My hotel was the Ambassador and I had booked it on the internet. Unusually it was exactly as described with a huge bedroom, two double beds, a balcony with a stunning city view, and a bathroom which on its own was bigger than any hotel room I’d ever been in before. It was also only €55 a night, but if I ate nothing, went nowhere, walked to the airport it was still costing me more than I could pay.

confessionsThe hotel staff were very good to me and armed with my details had my ‘cards’ reported stolen immediately, they also told me they would summon the police for me. Although it was unlikely my money would ever be recovered or anyone caught I would need a police report to claim off my insurance. They suggested I should go to my room and relax and they would let me know when the police arrived, still a little shaky I took their advice.

It was about half an hour later that reception rang to say the police were on the way up to my room.
Before I’d put the ‘phone down they were knocking at my door. They were two of them and they spoke in broken, hesitant English. One was most kind and took all the details I could give him whilst the other nosed around the room. I was busy with the one filling out my insurance / crime number report form when his mate picked a small plastic money bag out of my case with perhaps an eighth of Nepalese hash in it. I’d been given by an American girl in Hanoi. In short I’d forgotten all about it.

The mood now changed quickly. They spoke together in Thai for some few minutes before the one who had been doing my form asked me my age. After I replied they spoke again and then started to tell me how much trouble I was in. Drugs were very bad for foreigners, I would have to surrender my passport, I was a juvenile, so I would be put in jail. There would be no flight home and my parents would have to fly out to collect me if I was later released. Needless to say I burst into tears.

They let me cry for a while…  This confession can be read in it’s entirety in the Free Confessions catagory on Sex Stories Sex Confessions.